Contribution Guideline


This is a Jazzband project. By contributing you agree to abide by the Contributor Code of Conduct and follow the guidelines.

Setup development environment

  • Requires supported Python version

  • do setup under django-redshift-backend.git repository root as:

    $ pip install -U pip setuptools
    $ pip install -r dev-requires.txt


Run test

Just run tox:

$ tox

tox have several sections for testing.

CI (Continuous Integration)

All tests will be run on Github Actions:

Build package

Use build:

$ python -m build


New package version

The django-redshift-backend package will be uploaded to PyPI:

Here is a release procefure for releasing.


  1. check CI status testing result:
  2. update release version/date in CHANGES.rst
  3. create Github release, tagging with version name that MUST following semver. e.g.: git tag 1.0.1
  4. publish Github release to invoke release process in Github Actions.
  5. approve release files. please check your email or
  6. check PyPI page:
  7. bump version in CHANGES.rst and commit/push them onto GitHub

Updated documentation

Sphinx documentation under doc/ directory on the master branch will be automatically uploaded into ReadTheDocs: