Please install django-redshift-backend with using pip (8.1.1 or later).

$ pip install django-redshift-backend

This backend requires psycopg2, which may be installed from source or wheel (pre-built binaries). If you don’t want to specify it separately, you may install it using extra:

# For pre-built binary
$ pip install django-redshift-backend[psycopg2-binary]

# For the source distribution
$ pip install django-redshift-backend[psycopg2]

Please refer to the psycopg2 documentation for more details on the topic.

Django settings

ENGINE for DATABASES is ‘django_redshift_backend’. You can set the name in your as:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django_redshift_backend',
        'NAME': '<your database name>',
        'USER': '<your database username>',
        'PASSWORD': '<your database password>',
        'HOST': '<your database hostname>',
        'PORT': '5439',

For more information, please refer References.